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No.. basically it is unfair to cheat on your partner and it is NOT the just thing, unless of course, you are going through a divorce procedure and are starting to look for a new life

That will be a NO!   Unless you plan on turning up for a date wearing flares or a mullet hair cut. Be fair to your prospective date..he/she will want to look at you as you are, not the antique version  

The simple answer is Yes. Don\’t be such a tight arse, going Dutch… equality and all that stuff is fine if you are still in the 90\’s but women like to be treated well, and looked after. Don\’t get me wrong we are not sexiest and believe \”the little lady should be kept at home in the kitchen\” It is a modern world we live in and lets face it women kick blokes arses on most things these day….however chivalry is not dead.

The answer is absolutely a big YES. There is no such thing as ugly, … there is someone for everyone out there!, so don’t be put off and you will be pleasantly surprise who has the eye for you

ABSOLUTELY NOT.. ladies want to see the gentleman, not some pervert.. ladies here are not at all interested in your “sausage” as I am sure they have seen it all before

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